The Book of Love
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The Book of Love is available NOW …

The Book of Love - Pastor Rod PinderHave You Ever Asked These Crucial Questions?

  • “Who am I?” 
  • “Why am I here?” 
  • “What is the purpose of my life?”
  • “What is the root of my biggest problems?”
  • “What is the astonishing solution to that problem?”
  • “What is love and where can I find it?”


Life-changing answers to all these questions and more are suggested by one exquisite Bible verse. In The God Who Loves You (volume one of The Book of Love: Seven Words to Transform Your World), Rod Pinder leads us in a deep dive into this verse so the reader can recover its abundant treasures.

This insightful volume is not only an encouraging and helpful book in its own right, it also prepares the way for volumes two and three:


How to Love the God Who Loves You 


How to Love like Jesus.


Helping people grow in God’s love in Jesus Christ is Rod Pinder’s passion and mission in life. It’s one thing that gets his blood pumping. Through preaching, teaching, writing, music, and videos, Rod has shared that love on every continent except Antarctica and Australia (so far). 


Having served as a pastor for more than thrity-six years, Dr. Pinder has retired from pastoral ministry. He now funnels his passion and experience to sharing God’s love through books, public speaking, videos and is planning to start a podcast. Follow him at or Pastor Rod on Facebook and YouTube.


Husband, Dad, and “Papa” are among the roles Rod cherishes most. 

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 Cover Design:

  • The Book of Love, Volumes 1-3
    • Volume One: The God Who Loves You
    • Volume Two: How to Love the God Who Loves You
    • Volume Three: How to Love Like Jesus
  • Preaching in the Power of the Holy Spirit: How God’s Word Creates Reality
  • The Joseph Curve: How God Fulfills Vision
  • Tiptoe through the T.U.L.I.P.: A Moderate Look at Modern Calvinism
  • Kill the Old Man (It’s an Inside Job): How to Die to Self and Grow in Christ-likeness